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This wiki aims to be the prominent first stop for C and C++ beginners similar to what is for Perl Beginners.

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The C programming language is a popular low-level, yet mostly portable programming language which, while not being as popular as it used to be for general-purpose programming, it still has many legitimate uses and is especially popular for writing operating system kernel codes, systems' programming and servers, artificial intelligence, self-contained tools with few dependencies (including a lot of open-source software ), and finally programs where speed or memory consumption are critical.

This wiki aims to point the programmer who is interested in learning C (or one of its derivative languages such as C++) into high-quality and recommended resources. Note: we do not recommend learning C as your introductory language, and you should look into popular high-level and dynamic languages such as Perl, Python or Ruby instead before you learn C as a useful stepping stone. However, we believe that every programmer who is serious about becoming a better programmer should learn C at a point.

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  • The ##C on Freenode Wiki - a wiki maintained by the participants in Freenode's ##C IRC channel, under a non-determined licence.

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